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Windows 10 "La Daube du siècle" ?

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oui @Yves B., j'attends pour People mais tu as vu juste :



The Windows People Experience Host is part of People Bar which is another update included in Windows 10 Build 14915. It's different from the Windows Shell Experience Host which is a process responsible for presenting universal apps and also providing integration with the Windows Shell.

You may check out this link for more info.


With regard to the Background Apps settings, yes, it does affect Privacy. It is given that those apps which are not enabled to run in the background won't be able to receive info, send notifications, or be updated. And in addition to that, it will also conserve power.


et voilà comment s'en débarrasser, avec IOBIT + Take Ownership




1. Install IObit Unlocker.


2. Install 'Take Ownership' to Windows Registry to be added to the Right Mouse Button Context Menu.


3. Go to C:\Windows and highlight the 'SystemApps' folder.


4. Press Right Mouse Button to open Context Menu and 'Take Ownership' of the 'SystemApps' folder.


5. Open the 'SystemApps' folder and create a '1.Moved' folder and a '2.Deleted' folder.


6. Locate the 'Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy' folder and drag it into the '1.Moved' or '2.Deleted' folder. (*1)

(Don't worry about moving it to the '2.Deleted' folder because nothing will be automatically deleted. You have to manually delete the folder no matter if it's dragged to the '1.Moved' or '2.Deleted' folder unless you name the folder 'Deleted'. Placing the 2. will prevent auto deleting).


7. After placing 'Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy' into either the '1.Moved' or '2.Deleted' folder, take ownership of the '1.Moved' or '2.Deleted' folder.


8. If you decide you want to delete the 'Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy' folder from your computer, find the BIG Red X with the word 'Delete' under the X in the 'Home' Tab, click the 'Drop Down Arrow' and select 'Permanently Delete'. DONE. (*2)


(*1) IMPORTANT: If you get this message, "Folder cannot be moved because it is open in another program.", use IObit Unlocker to unlock and move the folder or use 'Task Manager' under 'Processes' tab to 'End Task' and then move the folder.


(*2) IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: I placed all 'SystemApps' folders into the '1.Moved' folder EXCEPT for the following 3 folders.




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je reviens sur ce fil MC, très intéressant :

  1. l'info sur TakeOwnership , une page intéressante sur ces outils de "prise de contrôle"  (la Résistance s'organise !)
  2. l'info sur le "never-ending loop" des installations des "indésirables" dans W10 : apparemment, même si tu les supprimes ou les mets à la corbeille, WUpdate les réinstalle lors de l'upgrade suivant

IMPORTANT: If you frequently use 'Windows Update', any folder you move or delete will be installed again. No worries, just simply repeat the steps, after the update, and either move or delete the unwanted folders again.


et voilà pourquoi je me retrouve, après la 1803,  à devoir à nouveau effacer des choses que j'avais déjà effacées !!! 


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Salut !

Parmi les premières choses que je fais, c’est de réinstaller « Contrôle Grand Administrateur » dans le menu contextuel, et de télécharger Unlocker, mais pas celui de IOBIT.




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