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Windows 7 64bits en mbr pour dualboot

Jean 59240

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il y a 7 minutes, Jean 59240 a dit :

Jai actuellement Windows 10 en gpt  et uefi et impossible d'installer linux

salut Jean

pourtant ce devrait être possible avec  W10 et UEFI !?

https://www.98ffe08d.com/windows-10-et-multi-boot-dual-boot/    voir à désactiver le secure boot



Dual booting

But what about dual booting Windows and Linux? Considering Windows makes use of Secure Boot, won’t that hamper your ability to boot both platforms? Not if you’re using Windows 8 or 8.1. With these particular iterations of Windows, you can actually disable Secure Boot and still boot the OS. There is one major glitch in this approach.

Say you have Windows 8, you disable Secure Boot, and then you install your favorite flavor of Linux for dual booting purposes. One day you boot up Windows to discover the 8.1 update is available.

++ https://lecrabeinfo.net/le-bios-et-luefi-pour-les-debutants.html

+++ https://lecrabeinfo.net/comment-acceder-entrer-parametres-configuration-bios-firmware-uefi-setup-pc.html



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