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[Soft] SUMo - Software Update Monitor

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SUMo - 5.8.6 (Released 2018-11-06)

0005197: [Refactoring] Code optimisation for Product name & company computation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005190: [Refactoring] "ACDSee Ultimate" wrongly identified as "ACDSee" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005196: [Refactoring] "The Qt Company Ltd." company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005189: [Refactoring] French translation : "deep check" not translated (Kyle_Katarn)
0005186: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)

Correction de la traduction + optimisation de code (+réactif) + pb de détection corrigé (en particulier sur ACDSee, rapporté par plusieurs users)

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SUMo - 5.8.7 (Released 2018-11-13)

0005202: [Refactoring] Piriform company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005200: [New Feature] "Kalkules" listed under wrong name ( (Kyle_Katarn)
0005201: [Refactoring] "Display Driver Uninstaller / Wagnardsoft" shall not be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005194: [Refactoring] "Corsair memory" company rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005195: [Refactoring] "Nullsoft, Inc." to be replaced by "Winamp SA" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005198: [Bug] Wrong version reported for IOBit Driver Booster (0004098 not fully fixed) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005199: [Bug] XVid Codec support broken by 0005197 (Kyle_Katarn)

Mise à jour corrective mineure mais recommandée (pour CCleaner)

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SUMo - 5.8.9 (Released 2018-12-27)

0005230: [Refactoring] "Bo Yans" better identification (Kyle_Katarn)
0005219: [Bug] Wrong version reported for VMware Workstation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005224: [Refactoring] WzBGTools to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005228: [Bug] Wrong company name for "TOR Browser (64 bits)" (reported as "Mozilla Foundation") (Kyle_Katarn)

Pure mise à jour de maintenance, fix mineurs, mais bons à prendre :)

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KCleaner - 3.6.1 (Released 2019-01-02)

0004835: [Bug] German sentence is broken (Kyle_Katarn)
0005137: [Bug] Crash when closing Portable version ran from a read only folder (eg : NAS,...) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005181: [Refactoring] Updated Hungarian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005168: [Refactoring] Licence manager shall not accept "null name" de facto invalid licence (Kyle_Katarn)
0005112: [New Feature] Greek translation (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.8.10 (Released 2019-01-04)

0004781: [Refactoring] Loading Performance improvement : 22% faster (Kyle_Katarn)
0005232: [Refactoring] Logitech Options to be filtered in (in fact, dedicated product) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005191: [Refactoring] "Dashcam Viewer" : wrong version reported (Kyle_Katarn)
0005162: [Bug] Wrong dialog title for "Excluded folders" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005029: [New Feature] Option to remove "Drivers Update" button for SUMo Pro users (Kyle_Katarn)
0004405: [New Feature] "Drivers Update" and other buttons (Kyle_Katarn)
0005238: [New Feature] New keybord shortcuts for "Add File" and "Scan Folders" (Kyle_Katarn)

Mise à jour de correction de bug... et amélioration intéressante de la perfo de chargement !!

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SUMo - 5.8.11 (Released 2019-01-13)

0005259: [Refactoring] New company name for "everything" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005256: [Refactoring] Wrong company name for "Teamviewer QS" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005255: [Refactoring] Privazer multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0005258: [Refactoring] "icofx software" company name multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0005257: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005254: [Refactoring] Updated German translation (Kyle_Katarn)

Mise à jour de maintenance. Recommandée si vous utilisez un des programmes concernés par le correctif.


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SUMo - 5.8.12 (Released 2019-02-05)

0005262: [Bug] Unable to check until restart if no answer to licence check (Kyle_Katarn)
0005263: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005277: [Bug] Missing UninstallDisplayIcon in registry for installed version (Kyle_Katarn)
0005303: [New Feature] Log "overall status change" in debug mode (Kyle_Katarn)

Mise à jour de maintenance, problème un bug bloquant SUMo de manière aléatoire (5262)

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SUMo - 5.9 (Released 2019-05-03)

0005443: [Bug] translation error in German menu (Kyle_Katarn)
0005448: [Refactoring] Updated German translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005440: [Bug] Wrong version reported for CrystalDiskInfo (Kyle_Katarn)
0005408: [Bug] Win XP Beta 418 missing dcrypt.dll (Kyle_Katarn)
0005401: [Bug] Win XP app fails to start -- missing bcrypt.dll (Kyle_Katarn)
0005441: [Bug] Title bar mismatch: Typo. "Updates" should be "Update" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005415: [Bug] Remote actions support and heartbeat (online/offline) not switched on/off until restart of SUMo (Kyle_Katarn)
0005403: [Refactoring] If "check" following a request from Cloud, status shall be reported to cloud, even if no change (to update last check time) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005402: [Refactoring] "Check / Extended Check" status (enabled) discrepancy (Kyle_Katarn)
0005301: [Refactoring] "Adobe Inc. " wrong detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0005397: [New Feature] Support for "check and scan" requests from cloud (Kyle_Katarn)
0005396: [Refactoring] "FengTao Software Inc." to be renamed as "" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005381: [Bug] "Intel Driver & Support Assistant" no longer detected (Kyle_Katarn)
0005304: [Refactoring] Missing item in french translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005390: [Refactoring] "ownCloud" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005307: [Refactoring] Update ICS library to 8.59 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1b (Kyle_Katarn)
0005108: [Refactoring] Ashampoo Undeleter not detected properly (Kyle_Katarn)
0005375: [Bug] "Ashampoo Snap 8" wrong detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0005342: [Refactoring] All subproducts of EasyBCD in \bin\ subfolder should be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005372: [Refactoring] "QNAP" multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0005333: [New Feature] SUMo Online (Kyle_Katarn)
0005373: [Refactoring] "SUMo Online / Configure / Need new account ? Click here" leads to wrong page (Kyle_Katarn)
0005346: [Refactoring] Updated Polish translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0003045: [New Feature] Google Search by right click menu (Kyle_Katarn)
0005339: [Refactoring] "vncpipehelper.exe" to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005250: [Bug] "Free Video to Flash Converter" detected as "Free All Converter by DVDVideoSoft" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005261: [Bug] Unable to add "IOBit Uninstaller Portable" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005245: [Refactoring] Flexera company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005300: [Refactoring] "Steinberg Media Technologies" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)


Mise à jour majeure, avec une nouvelle "grosse" fonction : SUMo Online !

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SUMo - 5.9.1 (Released 2019-05-10)

0005475: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005464: [Refactoring] "HP" company name rationalization (continued) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005468: [Refactoring] "Conexant" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005466: [Refactoring] "RapidSolution Software" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005465: [Refactoring] Irfan Skiljan name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005467: [Refactoring] "ImageMagick" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0002715: [New Feature] MiniTool Partition Wizard support (Kyle_Katarn)
0005450: [Refactoring] "MiniTool Software Limited" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005463: [Refactoring] "Razer" company name ratinalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005451: [Refactoring] "Cryptomator" multiple company name (Kyle_Katarn)
0005457: [Bug] SUMo Online German translation and language errors in client user interface (Kyle_Katarn)
0005460: [Refactoring] Updated German translation (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.9.2 (Released 2019-05-30)

0005489: [Bug] SUMo log file error for scanning Common Files folders (Kyle_Katarn)
0005503: [Bug] minimize "additional folders" window (Kyle_Katarn)
0005516: [Refactoring] "*stub*" to be filtered out (dependancy) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005500: [Refactoring] "HP" company name consolidation / rationalization (continued) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005513: [Bug] Wrong version reported for WSCC (Kyle_Katarn)
0004990: [Refactoring] not full russian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005486: [Refactoring] Updated Russian Translation (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.9.3 (Released 2019-06-08)

0005499: [Refactoring] Bromium company name consolidation / rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005517: [Refactoring] "McAfee" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005497: [Refactoring] Spiceworks company name consolidation / rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005521: [Bug] Multiple detection for "AAV4GL-Engine" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005512: [Refactoring] "Andrea Vacondio" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005532: [Refactoring] "Qihoo 360" multiple company name detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0005498: [Refactoring] Lansweeper company name consolidation / rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005509: [Bug] SUMo installation leads to wrong shortcut (Kyle_Katarn)
0005522: [Refactoring] "emule-project" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005518: [Bug] Links to SUMo Online should use HTTPS, not HTTP (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.9.4 (Released 2019-06-26)

0005495: [Bug] SUMo starting with incomplete status text line (Kyle_Katarn)
0004239: [Refactoring] SUMo shall filter "DTS Post Processing APO" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005530: [Bug] "IOBit Uninstaller Portable" incorrectly detected as "IOBit Uninstaller" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005248: [Bug] Malwarebytes Corporate wrong update channel (Kyle_Katarn)
0005546: [Refactoring] Refactor "Steam Installer" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005540: [Refactoring] Updated Italiant translation (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.9.5 (Released 2019-07-30)

0005603: [Bug] "Search [...]" popup menu item not available for translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005588: [Refactoring] Consolidate / Rationalize Multi Commander reporting (Kyle_Katarn)
0005597: [Refactoring] "POIbase powered by:" to be renamed "POIbase" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005592: [Bug] "DMDE" product naming to be reworked (embedding version number) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005598: [Refactoring] "WebGear Ltd" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005591: [Refactoring] "cURL" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005564: [Refactoring] Product name starting by "installs " to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005602: [Refactoring] Updated Hungarian translation (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.9.6 (Released 2019-08-15)

0005515: [Bug] ImageMagick detection and current determination (Kyle_Katarn)
0005607: [Refactoring] "TopBanking by Subsembly GmbH" should be named Banking4 (Kyle_Katarn)
0005634: [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.61 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1c (Kyle_Katarn)
0005642: [Refactoring] if hashtab dll gets manually added, SUMo shall redirect to the "specific" detection code. (Kyle_Katarn)
0002712: [New Feature] HashTab Support (Kyle_Katarn)
0005641: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005608: [Refactoring] Updated Hungarian translation (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.9.7 (Released 2019-08-28)

0005654: [Bug] SUMo breaks in debug mode (Kyle_Katarn)
0005645: [Refactoring] nMap from "Insecure.Org" shall be allocated to "nMap Team" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005656: [Bug] Proxy no longer working since upgrade to ICS 8.61 (Kyle_Katarn)
0005648: [Bug] Inconsistent "report error / report beta" right click menu items state on multiple selection (Kyle_Katarn)
0005651: [Bug] "Textify" unduly rejected by SUMo (Kyle_Katarn)
0005646: [Refactoring] "Buhl" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005650: [Refactoring] "Resplendence Software" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005659: [Refactoring] "The Wireshark developer community" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005661: [Refactoring] Update ICS library to 8.62 (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.9.8 (Released 2019-09-07)

0005647: [Refactoring] Accessibility improvement - incorrect tab-scrolling through "settings" page elements (Kyle_Katarn)
0005676: [Refactoring] "KeyFinder LTD." is now "ONE UP LTD." (Kyle_Katarn)
0005671: [Refactoring] "Artifex Software, Inc." company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005670: [Refactoring] nMap from "Insecure.Org" shall be allocated to "nMap Team" (continued) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005669: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005668: [Refactoring] Updated German translation (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.9.9 (Released 2019-09-21)

0005577: [New Feature] TurboTax software keeping name, but changing major version number every year (Kyle_Katarn)
0005653: [Refactoring] SUMo shall be able to distinguish "Softmaker Office" from "Softmaker Free Office" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005682: [Refactoring] "WISO steuer:Start" and "WISO steuer:Sparbuch" have yearly specific product lines (Kyle_Katarn)
0005679: [Refactoring] "Telegram FZ-LLC" compane name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)

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Il y a 9 heures, Firebird a dit :


SUMo rend de bons services, mais il y a des détections farfelues persistantes, qu'il faut masquer pour avoir la paix.


Oui, quelques problèmes connus. Pour la plupart que je peux corriger rapidement côté serveur (sur rapport des utilisateurs) ou côté clients (et là j'ai quelques points me donnant un peu de fil à retordre). Mais globalement, c'est opérationnel et cela s'améliore grâce à vos retours !

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SUMo - 5.10 (Released 2019-10-28)

0005717: [Refactoring] "Adobe Inc" to be renamed as "Adobe Systems, Inc." (Kyle_Katarn)
0005715: [Refactoring] Updated French translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005409: [Refactoring] NSIS support (Kyle_Katarn)
0005473: [Bug] Remote PC offline -- discovered it was waiting to update SUMo (Kyle_Katarn)
0005713: [Refactoring] "DVD Flick v2" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005704: [Refactoring] Updated Japanese translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005703: [Refactoring] "Parallels" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005702: [Refactoring] "Movavi" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0003383: [New Feature] Sort indicator for secondary windows (ignore list editor,....) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005161: [New Feature] Long term stats on "Licence revocation", "UID not found errors" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005445: [New Feature] extent logging to multi-session (Kyle_Katarn)
0005239: [Bug] "File Path" column too narrow after window width update (Kyle_Katarn)
0005697: [Bug] Missing automatic column resize in Ignored list editor (Kyle_Katarn)
0003520: [New Feature] Support for "Exact Audio Copy" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005601: [Refactoring] Apply light / dark setting to all internal lists (Kyle_Katarn)
0005569: [New Feature] Add Check for SUMo update to the right click context menu on Notification area icon (Kyle_Katarn)
0005691: [Refactoring] "iolo technologies, LLC" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005685: [Refactoring] "Ashampoo Driver Updater" shall not be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005692: [Refactoring] "Systools" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005693: [Refactoring] "GNU" cleanup in company name (Kyle_Katarn)
0004999: [New Feature] Copy line on Ctrl+C (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.10.1 (Released 2019-11-03)

0005731: [Refactoring] Incorrect 64bits registry scanning for Launchy (Kyle_Katarn)
0005727: [Bug] Wrong version of LibreOffice reported when LibreOffice Help Pack is installed (Kyle_Katarn)
0005730: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005722: [Refactoring] "HiBit Uninstaller" should not be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005723: [Refactoring] Updated japanese translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005721: [Refactoring] "MetaGeek" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.10.2 (Released 2019-11-08)

0005736: [Refactoring] "Elaborate Bytes AG" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0005738: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for Malwarebytes v4 (Kyle_Katarn)
0005739: [Refactoring] mbuns shall be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005734: [Refactoring] Updated German translation (Kyle_Katarn)

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SUMo - 5.10.3 (Released 2019-11-16)

0005737: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "CloneBD by Elaborate Bytes AG" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005735: [Refactoring] "inSSIDer" / "inSSIDer Office" distinction (Kyle_Katarn)
0005750: [Refactoring] old_chrome to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0005747: [Bug] Wrong version reported for Malwarebytes Premium (Kyle_Katarn)
0005746: [Refactoring] Malwarebytes Assistant and tray to be filtered out (dependancies) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005745: [Bug] "Total Commander Installer" to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)

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